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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Bizarre Political Election - Only in the Philippines

The Philippine mid-term election race has finally culminated with the proclamation of the 12 winners for the Senate from among the more than 33 candidates who filed their candidacies for the national posts.  Nonetheless, the election campaign was still dominated by traditional politics where dirty tactics are employed such as character assassination, voter’s intimidation, religious sector intervention, vote buying and fraud.

Obviously, the dispute and junking of party-mates at the provincial and local levels worsened from bad to worse where powerful personalities and political clans dominated the local election. The national alliance of the Liberal and NPC parties is definitely self-serving for the Aquino administration. Consequently, the temporary coalition sowed confusion among the national and local candidates that resulted in the defiance of local LP parties to respect the partnership since most opponents for local positions come from the NPC party.

It is without doubt that the 2013 mid-term election is not only an acid test for the sustainability of the Aquino administration in its economic achievements but most importantly serves as a prelude to the next presidential derby in 2016. The formidable victories of the administration and coalition candidates in the Senate  definitively assures President Benigno Aquino III of a majority in the legislature needed to pass legislation for his programs legacy before he leaves office in 2016.

The domination of both the Senate and House of Representatives by the President’s allies may serve as too strong a temptation for the President to amend the Constitution in lifting the Presidential term limits in order to extend his term of office to access to absolute power. While this is only a food for thought, it is dreadful to even contemplate on the realization of this event which is not impossible.