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Saturday, December 28, 2013


Unconditional Love
Every mother and father will unequivocally agree that the most important thing parents can give their children is love. However an essential matter should be appropriately considered. Does this mean unconditional love? That is, just giving everything a child wants without any restraint or set of parameters to learn and follow?

Oftentimes, parents ask themselves this question. Do we need to discipline the children whom we dearly love? For most if not all of us, children are precious gifts from God. When a child is born to a family, this “bundle of joy” becomes the focus of total attention of both the parents and the entire family. 

More importantly however, parents have to realize and assume a new extremely critical role, an immense responsibility to bring up their child as a respectable and responsible individual. We have learned how many fathers and mothers have accepted with remorse their failure as good parents because of the unconditional love sans appropriate discipline they gave to their children.