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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Doc is In!

Last year 2012, I finally decided to “call it quits”.  I mean definitively retire from employment.

After more than 48 years of working in both private and public sectors, I finally crossed my Rubicon to return to private life in full retirement. 

 After my college graduation in 1965, I worked in just 2 local organizations for more than 14 years.  My first employment with the biggest and most reputable newspaper company then , The Manila Times Publishing Co. of the late Chino Roces, was cut short   when the firm was forcibly closed on Sept. 23, 1972, upon the imposition of Martial Law by the late Strongman/ Dictator Pres. Ferdinand Marcos. 
 My next employment was with The Philippine Carpet Manufacturing Corp. and my work dedication was rewarded with several promotions from Production Section Supervisor to Production Planning and Inventory Control Manager in just a span of 4 years.    
Even with my wife working as a Public Health Nurse, the increasing burden of a growing family with 3 children to raise and educate was financially too heavy to bear with our combined take-home pay that time.  With our resolve to provide a comfortable life and best education to our children, we opted to go abroad to ensure our kids future.  Being away from our children for that short period was a hellish experience for both of us and the children as well.  After less than 2 years,  we decided for my wife to go back home and stay with the kids and for me to continue working overseas to balance the spectrum.   

I worked overseas for almost 20 years finally going back home to stay in 2000. For the last 8 years of my employment abroad, I was able to go home every 6 months for 22 days each time to be with my family, one of the many perks that went with the company’s top position of General Operations Manager. During the entire period, my wife worked as a Faculty member of the University of St. La Salle.  

Being back home in Bacolod on March 2000 was one of the happiest times of my life, once more enjoying the company and nearness of my wife and children and my then ailing mother. By this time 3 of my children have already completed their college education and starting their professional careers.

Having completed my MBA and already a Graduate School Professor at the University of St. La Salle, I obtained my Ph D, with major in Business Management  in 2002 from the same school and continued teaching until March 2012.  

In 2004, a strange thing happened that changed the course of my life. Without even a random thought of working in public service, I was invited by the newly elected Bacolod City Mayor  to join his administration as Secretary to the Mayor.  At first I was very reluctant to accept the job offer, but with the lure of the political world and the new challenges that abound I was captive of public service.

I stayed in the city government for almost 9 years, the City Mayor having been reelected for 3 terms. In 2007, I was promoted to City Administrator, the second top position in the executive department of the city government.  Concurrently, as STTM and City Administrator, I also held the position of President/ College Administrator of the local Bacolod City College for more than 4 years until a permanent  College Administrator was installed in 2011.

All my children are successful and making names in their respective fields. Our eldest daughter is  a US RN permanently based in the US since 2002 and our son an Ad Executive in an international Advertising firm. Our second daughter, a RN and a practicing corporate lawyer and youngest daughter,  a CPA  working as an Accounting Executive.  All of them have their own families and have given us handsome and beautiful grandchildren.  Incidentally, my wife is also a US RN and still working with the California State Department of Health.

In my twilight years, I intend to share the knowledge and wisdom that I have acquired with the long and valuable years of experience in life. I would even be more than willing to offer my advisory to those who seek them in their workplaces and personal lives as well. I guess this would afford me the chance to give back in gratitude to all the blessings and graces that GOD has bestowed upon me and my family.

Send your queries especially the management problems in your workplaces and be assured of an professional and reliable response to your problems. Of course this is GRATIS ET AMORE!  

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